forehead yoke

  • Hi,

    I have never uses oxen before, but would like to train a single ox. I am looking for information where I can buy, or plans to build a fore head yoke. it looks less complicated than the other typed of yokes, thanks for any help>

  • has taken a while but here is an answer:

    farmers used the forehead yoke because they could build it themselves;

    its main parts are:

    a piece of board, that runs across the front head

    2 rods to keep the board from sliding sideways and to atach the traces to

    leather straps to fix the implement at the horns' basis

    a pad, to go in between the head's front and the board (was usually stuffed and restuffed by the farmers during wintertime, when less work waited for them)

    there are various examples on how it was done/looked in these links:

    pictures show the obvious, click on them to enlarge them

    it will work only on horned cattle, preferably beef cattle because besides horns strong neck muscles are a must

    the animals will have to find their own best position to push in the beginning; older animals, used to the device will simply get going with the load

    if you want to buy these yokes (also more sophisticated ones with iron enforcements etc.) you would need to check the (German) ebay market and ask a seller if they would send international

    any more questions? -> ask ;-)